Himland Trade Monitors (P) Limited


Alok Gupta

The company is promoted by Alok Gupta, who

  • Set up Himland Trade Monitors (P) Limited, which now exports/imports various textile products from India and markets Real Estate in India. Before setting up Himland Trade Monitors (P) Limited, worked with MNCs like LNJ Bhilawara, Modern and Pan Asia Group.
  • Has got the accreditation of being the youngest Vice President of the industry when he joined the Pan Asia group at the age of 28.Can be considered one of the very early few who entered into the field of export of textiles from India. Have spent around two decades in active marketing having travelled extensively to more than 50 countries around the world in connection with business.
  • Set up marketing and export of some companies right from the beginning, while advised many others on investing in Indian Real Estate.
  • Worked as the Executive Editor of DFU Publications, which has been bringing out various magazines and periodicals ( Inside Fashion, Desire Fashion Fabrics, Desire Denim, Desire Shirts, Desire Junior Desire Knits ) on the subjects ranging from Fibre to Fashion and on the areas covering manufacturing to retailing.
  • Advised one of the leading fashion and textile institutes of Mumbai, especially, for one of their international conferences on Apparel and Fashion.
  • He has been instrumental in organizing various trade events for the benefit of the textile and real estate industry. One such event being Times Brand Magic held at Pragati Maiden, New Delhi. The event was inaugurated by the Hon. Minister for Textiles.
  • Has been participating in various trade delegations in India and abroad